Hydrating Body Butter 4 oz
Hydrating Body Butter 4 oz

Hydrating Body Butter 4 oz

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Our body butter combines shea butter with organic extra virgin coconut oil to deeply moisturize the skin.  Nourishing almond oil is added to maintain suppleness. A touch of coco butter is added to soften and soothe.  Vitamin E adds extra moisturizing boost and helps protect the skin against free radicals. Quickly absorbed, but still super emollient and soothing.  

Product Highlights

Vegan Body Care Products

Wont leave skin dry

Glides smoothly on to the skin, very absorbing leaving no heavy greasy feel.

Use it on hands, legs, arms and feet, anywhere that needs some nourishing and hydration.

Can use as a body butter, after you leave the spa or as a massage butter for your private massage.

Great for damaged sun or wind burned skin.

Made with fair trade shea butter and recyclable jars.

Vegan Body Care Product

Your Fragrance Choices are:

Bali (Coconut lime)

Fujian: (White Tea & Ginger)

Lost Lake (Pine & Rain)

Marrakech: (Sandalwood, Vanilla & Spices)

Melbourne: (Spearmint & Eucalyptus)

Iceland: (Plain No Scent)

Provence: (Lavender Fields)

Washington, D.C. (Cherries & Almonds)

Valencia : (Sweet Oranges)