Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roller

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roller

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Many of us experience moments in our lives when our nerves are on edge, leaving us feeling delicate and in need of relief. Whether it's fatigue, cramps, hot flashes, or simply the desire to unwind, I've crafted these blends both for my own benefit and for those who share similar challenges. Essential oils offer a versatile solution, providing an aroma therapeutic experience with every application. Our Essential Oil Rollers come in convenient 10 ml blue glass bottles, complete with a roller ball and twist cap for effortless application and storage.

 In your "Vibe Set" you can have the choice of choosing three (3) of our essential oil blends.  Our blends are:

 Chill: Introducing our soothing nighttime blend, meticulously crafted with lavender, clary sage, bergamot, and jasmine to enhance your relaxation.

Flash: Say goodbye to menopausal heat flashes with our cooling blend, comprising bergamot, peppermint, frankincense, rosemary, and orange oil.

Hype: Need a pick-me-up during those 3:00 slumps or want to skip the coffee? Try our invigorating energy blend, featuring spearmint, rosemary, and patchouli. Get ready for a rush of vitality!

Locked In: Enhance your focus and stay "locked in" on your projects with our concentration-boosting blend, skillfully blended with rosemary, lavender, peppermint, vetiver, and lemon.

C.T. F.O.: When anxiety strikes, reach for our anxiety-relieving blend with the cheeky initials, standing for "Chill the F*ck Out." Made with lavender, orange, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, chamomile, and spearmint, it's your go-to for tranquility.

T.O.T.M.: Alleviate PMS cramps and hormonal imbalances with our Time of the Month (T.O.T.M.) blend. Harnessing the power of clary sage, geranium, and ylang-ylang, it promotes better flow and hormonal balance.